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Our experience enables us to guide our clients during their venture into an unknown operating environment overseas or across the street. Real experience allows us to assess risk and gauge potential liability as an added edge for our clients.

Our satisfied and secure clients speak volumes about our professionalism and expertise which is why we are a “quietly” recognized first choice in discrete security solutions.


ADRIDEN Global realizes that live events and mass gatherings are commonly viewed as “soft targets” by individuals or groups committed to causing harm and creating disruptions. Creating a safe environment for fans, artists, employees, and the general public within a live event or mass gathering is a duty that the promoter of such an event must recognize.

Our team of experienced live event specialists creates an environment that lessens possible threats in advance of your event. Years of traveling with globally renowned artists and securing venues, arenas, and stadiums throughout the world make the ADRIDEN Global team uniquely qualified for this mission.

Due to continuing changes in the threat landscape and trends in global and domestic incidents, our professionals always approach each event as a new challenge, regardless of the long history an event may enjoy. We tailor tour, event, and venue-specific plans based on advanced strategic and tactical intelligence derived from liaison with all relevant stakeholders, including all first-responding emergency agencies.

Our services include but are not limited to:


Whether performing a security or threat assessment on existing policies and procedures or helping you to establish tailored protocols for a foreign location, our professionals can provide you with years of operational experience and ground-truth reality. Our team will establish a security posture that meets your needs while being cognizant of your budget.

A threat assessment is the first step in our risk and vulnerability analysis.

This involves assessing the known threats and perceived security risks associated with a particular location or event. It includes naturally caused threats to man-made threats such as ordinary and extraordinary criminal threats, terrorism, and active attacker/shooter incidents. Some threats may arise from geopolitical conditions and events throughout the world.

A comprehensive threat assessment will also assess any existing countermeasures and threat mitigation sources, policies, and procedures aimed against identified threats. Regardless of the threat, each one will require a different response. The completed assessment will include a set of actionable and tiered recommendations to enhance and upgrade existing security measures.

Global Awareness

Our professionals have lived and operated in all parts of the world, have deep local ties and relationships, speak the local languages and dialects, and are aware of the varying global cultures and values. Such an understanding and depth of knowledge supports you in navigating the global operating environment.

Two pilots flying helicopter in Delaware, USA. Photo taken by ADRIDEN Global Inc.



Our team is comprised of former law enforcement and military professionals, as well as dedicated full-time protection agents who conduct ongoing training exercises and attend specialized schools to enhance their skills in the field of Executive Protection. Our protective missions, provided in support of our investigative efforts, are accomplished based on our corporate philosophy of intelligence-led avoidance rather than response.

Our agents are selected for their experience, intellect, common sense, and overall ability to de-escalate a situation in order to ensure your physical safety, stature, and reputation.


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