ADRIDEN Global’s Intelligence Operations Center (AGIOC)

AGIOC infographic displaying key points. ADRIDEN Global’s Intelligence Operations Center (AGIOC) blog post by ADRIDEN Global Inc.

As a proactive intelligence-based company, ADRIDEN Global Inc. provides tailored, timely, and actionable information to you when you need it most through ADRIDEN Global’s Intelligence Operations Center (AGIOC). We empower corporate and regional business leaders and stakeholders in making informed decisions based on the latest intelligence. AGIOC plays a critical role in supporting personnel deployed around the world through real-time incident reporting, tailored threat assessments, and traveler tracking, all aimed at helping to ensure the health, safety and security of our clients’ personnel, operations, and global brands.

AGIOC’s mission focuses on five primary areas:

Monitoring domestic and global events and issuing timely and actionable reports

Providing individual or mass notifications and alerts via multiple mediums

Supporting and enhancing traveler safety and security to all points around the globe

Communicating with US embassies, consulates, and local entities around the world

Managing, monitoring, and documenting any incidents that may impact you

AGIOC’s efforts are not spent on disseminating news to you. As we monitor global events and developments, we are not in the business of providing information that does not have an actual or potential relevance to you or your interests. Our dedicated efforts are aimed at filtering out the irrelevant and shining the spotlight on issues that you should be aware of as you make your decisions. Many leading stories, which dominate the airways and media cycles, may not impact you, while less covered stories or events may have direct impact on your business interests.

In the event an incident occurs that may expose you to liability, our team will be the focal point for communication and collection of all data and information from all parties involved. We will initiate an incident record, document all communications, gather all the facts and will be the one stop information center for that incident. AGIOC will then communicate all the necessary information to the decision makers with your organization including corporate spokespersons or public information officials so that we ensure that conformity of messaging is maintained.

Flexibility has been a cornerstone of our success. In the real-world environment, you cannot operate from a checklist when your mission is to analyze, anticipate, and respond to complex geopolitical and security issues. AGIOC team members have the tools to work centrally or remotely while having full access to all pertinent data and resources.

AGIOC is the solution to what keeps decision makers up at night.


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