Successful organizations utilize integrated all-source intelligence to see their competition and the world as a whole. Integrated all-source analysis should also inform and shape future strategies for continued collection of intelligence. Without it, it is not possible to “connect the dots”. While successful collection of intelligence cannot ensure a good analytical product, the failure to collect intelligence turns analysis into guess work. Our products improve your situational awareness and enable you to make your decisions based on "ground truth" intelligence.


Intelligence Cycle diagram


ADRIDEN Global has a professional staff with extensive analytical and operational experience in all-source intelligence gathering operations. Our ability to collect and analyze “ground truth” intelligence, in an ethical and legal manner, from all human and technical sources worldwide, replaces guess work with tailored analytical products and “connects the dots” in a predictive manner. Please contact us for a private consultation to discuss how tailored Intelligence Products created by ADRIDEN Global can support and enhance your business and operational safety.