ADRIDEN Global, using highly experienced and certified former law enforcement operatives perform Undercover (UC) Investigations which are intended to assist our clients in reducing their exposure to liability while increasing profitability, employee loyalty and preservation of brand name. ADRIDEN Global develops UC investigations that are client specific and are tailored to address our clients’ needs.

Through active involvement, rapport building and interaction with the work force, our UC operatives collect intelligence to prove or disprove the existence of an internal or external issue and accurately identify the individuals who may be involved. Once the UC operative has positively identified the suspected individuals, ADRIDEN Global will then conduct a thorough and lawful investigation which can result in the arrest and prosecution of the suspects. We have further aided our clients in recovery of damages for losses caused through their criminal activity.

Our clients’ investments in ADRIDEN Global undercover efforts have yielded our clients significant returns through increased profitability, market share and preservation and protection of proprietary and intellectual property rights. Please contact us for a private consultation to discuss whether an ADRIDEN Global undercover operation would meet your investigative and intelligence needs.