Loss Prevention Investigative and Placement Services

ADRIDEN Global investigators have conducted undercover operations, within the retail environment to uncover networks of dishonest employees and vendors who were betraying the trust of their employers. These operations were legally recorded through the use of the most sophisticated and tailored electronic equipment. At the conclusion of the operation, the subjects were detained by security personnel, interviewed by ADRIDEN Global investigators, full confessions were obtained and a prosecutive case presented to the district attorney’s office for prosecution. In addition to the above, ADRIDEN Global investigators working jointly with local law enforcement were able to recover millions of dollars worth of stolen property as well as identifying “knock off” items being sold by dishonest vendors to ADRIDEN Global clients.

adriden-global-investops-lossprev1.jpgADRIDEN Global has a proven track record of working with major retail chains and merchants associations in reducing their shrinkage caused by internal and external theft. We provide extensive Loss Prevention Training to major retail chains and their security staff. In addition, we are able to place highly trained, certified and fully investigated Loss Prevention professionals in any retail environment on a full-time, part-time, contract or seasonal basis. Trust ADRIDEN to provide you with your next Loss Prevention professional and take the worry out of hiring, investigating and training that new employee. Please contact us for a private consultation to discuss your loss prevention, mitigation and training needs.