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adriden-global-intelprod-newsanalysis1.jpgAnalysts, linguists and subject matter experts on staff at ADRIDEN Global, review and monitor worldwide news broadcasts to glean situational, regional and broad-based information on behalf of our clients. The information gleaned is then analyzed and a predictive situational analysis of the news event is prepared for review by our clients. In addition, our staff prepares ad hoc analytical products and articles dealing with world issues.


ADRIDEN's analytical products and articles are now being introduced. Please visit us regularly for new reports.

Article: Counterterrorism - Security vs. Customer Service

One of the most significant challenges that security experts face while attempting to harden a target is how to achieve the perfect balance between public safety and customer service...


10 Apr 2009 - Standoff with Somali pirates

The standoff between US Navy and Somali pirates intensified Friday...


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