(IA) Intelligence Assessment
(FI) Flash Intelligence
Global Alerts

(IA) Intelligence Assessment:

adriden-global-intassess.jpgAn ADRIDEN Global IA conveys predictive analytical conclusions regarding a clients specific strategic issue. It is based on a comprehensive review and detailed analysis of all information and factors which have been derived from multiple sources and tailored to our clients needs.

(FI) Flash Intelligence:

A FI is an intelligence report prepared to inform our clients of significant events or developments which may directly impact their interests either domestically or internationally. A FI will provide tactical and immediate analysis on a time-sensitive or developing situation. It provides our clients with a “ground-truth” view of the situation and its potential impact on their interests.

Global Alerts:

ADRIDEN Global provides global alerts to our clients regarding developing worldwide situations which may impact their interests and personnel. We will then provide an immediate FI to you forecasting the impact of the situation and recommending various courses of action. ADRIDEN Global and its strategic partners will be prepared to respond as the situation unfolds.